So you’re probably wondering, how does it work over the internet? Well I’ve got you covered, here’s an overview of the exact process we’ll be going through so you know exactly what to expect.



In this stage we dive deep and break down:

  • Who you are as an artist
  • Why you do what you do
  • Who is your audience
  • Goals and expectations
  • Song references and ideas

And paint the big picture of how we’re going to achieve your goals



We dive head on into making the actual song. The whole process is very collaborative,
I will be sending you ideas over email so we’re both happy with the direction.
This includes:

  • Making the arrangement
  • Adding the instruments, synths, drums, bass, and all that juicy stuff!
  • Vocal Production
  • Ear Candy

Mixing & Mastering

After the production is finished your song will be mixed and mastered so it sounds polished on any audio system and up to standard with todays music.

mixing and mastering


By this stage we already have your song finished and sounding great. What’s next? We make a strategy to get it to the right people and grow your fanbase.

    • The strategy consists of two parts:
  • Setting up the release
  • Promotion after the release

Want to get started?