Music has evolved.
Yours should too

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Music used to be easy to make, right?

Rock, pop, and jazz each had their own lanes and everything sounded the same.

It was great!

But modern music has evolved.

Nowadays pop music has become a crazy fusion of every genre thinkable. It’s hard to wrap your head around it.

And with the pace that music trends are changing, following someone else’s sound won’t get you very far. Sure, you might try to sound like Beyonce, or Billie Eilish or *insert your favorite artist*, but you’ll just end up as one of the thousands of artists chasing someone else’s sound.

If you're not making a stank face listening to your own music, what are you even doing ?

” But I dont know how to stay consistent with one sound, I just love so many different styles!

That’s where I come in. I’ve spent the last decade making every kind of music I could get my ears on, and I’ve learned how to blend these genres to create the modern pop sound that’s so popular right now..

The best way to stay relevant in today’s music industry is to create your own sound. How?
By blending and mashing various genres, taking the best bits and infusing it with your own personality. Why be a follower when you can be a trend setter ?

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Wanna hear what I’ve made?

Artists i've worked with

Enoch Yang

Making a song with Victor was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done in the past few years of creating. He understood my creative vision and helped me create something that I was proud of in a timely manner. He combines a passion for creating music with efficiency and professionalism. That’s something that I’ve found incredibly hard to find in this industry. I highly recommend working with him.

Monopoly Loser

I worked with Victor on 3 tracks already. So far the collaboration has been always as agreed, time frames and due dates very respected and Victor gave me lots of advices on my music. He also produced a couple instrumentals of popular songs in a particular style I wanted. Highly recommend.

Melanie Valentine

I'm so happy I found Victor! He was always warm friendly and professional. He has always respected my vision and gone to great lengths to help me achieve my desired sound. Thank you for listening to all my ideas and for always having great suggestions ​

Amy Lee

Number 1 thing I have to point out is how organized you are. You keep me in check with projects and I really appreciate that. As well as your catchy melodies you produce! All around great producer!

Michael Finn

He was very clear and concise on what steps we needed to take not only for the production but also for promoting and building a fan base. He pushed me out of my comfort zone and we created an amazing song that I love and my fans love as well. He has golden ears and works wonders and I call it “the Victor Grey magic”. He continues to be very helpful even though the project is finished and I feel like I’ve gained a friend as well as a mentor and kick-ass producer.


I have always worked remotely with Victor and he makes it so easy. He's really receptive to my ideas and influences and produces exactly what I ask for every time.

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