Frequently asked questions

I am a pop music producer, I help independent artists make their music come to life and help them on their journey in the music industry.
Things I can help you with:
– Song production and arrangement
– Mixing and Mastering. 
– Artist development and strategy

If you have a project in mind, I can help you take it to the finish line starting from the initial idea or a melody to a completely produced song ready for release.

All of my work is done via the internet. We can make music exactly the way you want to sound while at the comfort of your own home. I’ve worked with numerous artists online and it makes the process much easier, especially when people have full time jobs and responsibilities. Ofcourse if you’d like to travel and work together we can arrange that.

The process always starts with filling the project planner so I can get a grasp of  the project, your expectations and how I can help the most. After that I will send you an email so we can plan a skype call and discuss the project – your vision, wants, budgets, needs more in depth  and get to know each other better to see if we’re a good fit. After that is done I will start working on your project and send you ideas until we’re happy with the direction, then I will make the full draft of the project and continue from there. Main thing is communication throughout the process so everyone is happy.

Every project is different, it depends a lot on how quickly it has to be done, how many songs and many other factors. Once you fill in the project planner I can give a proper estimate of the price

Depending on the schedule of starting the project. I always request a 50% at the start. On bigger projects we can discuss different payment plans.

After we agree on the terms and the first payment is made I will start working on your project and will keep you constantly updated and wont drag it out. You will always know at what stage it’s in. Also depending on the size of the project, and EP or an album will take much longer than a single song.

There are tons of music producers to choose from, the most important thing is to find the best for you as an artist. If you believe I’m a good fit for you,  all I can say is dont only offer my production services, but can also help you with the release of the songs, and be your guide in the music business if you need any help. Many of my clients also become my friends, which is very important, since you wont be just another ‘client’ and wont be done after the first project

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